Non member not getting restricted area page

I am having a problem setting up the Membership Plugin.

I have the plugin set up on a test site:

Non members are not being redirected to the “No Access” page that I have created and set on the Options page.

Instead they get a message “Not Found Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.”

I have one page and one post category that I would like to restrict to visitors who are not members.

Category: Member Videos

Page: Member Videos Page

I have two levels set:

New Visitor

Set to Stranger level on the options page.

Level Settings:

Negative Rules= Categories- Member Videos; Pages- Member Videos Page


Positive Rules= Categories- Member Videos; Pages- Member Video Page

I have set it up with a number of different configurations as far as negative and positive rules with the same results.

One more question: What is the best way to create a Member Sign in page? For members who come to the site and want to login to access the member info?