Nonce error.

Hi, there, sorry to bother.

I had the q&a installed and working. After a few days I started receiving a lot of spam. You already helped me with that.

Spam stopped, but I made something wrong in my quest to stop spam, as questions also stopped. I checked today the question plugin as visitor, and it don't allow me to post questions.

"Nonce error" it says, It seems I'm not allowed to post questions as visitors. It didn't work telling the plugin to send to registration process either.

I checked configuration of the plugin from top to down, but couldn't find any problem. I deactivated the stop spam plugin, but it was not the cause of the problem.

If must be some other thing. Perhaps some configuration in WP? Or in the plugin?

I'm attaching the configuration as image, for visitors for you to check.

What else should I check?

Sorry for being such a nag.


(and thanks in advance)

ps btw I created a Spanish language .po for the plugin if you like to have :slight_smile: