Not Assigning Appointments to Provider

Every time I seem to get one thing working with this, I find another thing that doesn’t….

When I had only one service provider, it worked okay. I would go in, select a time slot, confirm the appointment, it would get assigned to service provider “shawn”, and then when I refresh the page, the spot would be whited out. Everything was great, butterflies were flying, all that jazz…

And then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Or when I added a second service provider, your choice.

So right now, I have two providers, “Shawn”, and “Admin”, since those are the only two accounts I have. For simplicity, they have separate hours, and I’m only dealing with one day, Sunday.

Admin works from 8am-1pm, Shawn works from 1pm-6pm.

The default 12:30 slot was whited out(not enough time to complete 90 minute service before end of shift), which was good. So I knew it was properly separating them.

I click the 2PM slot, confirm, and get assigned to…. “Our Staff”. Refresh the page, the 2 PM slot is still open, no staff member assigned, even though there was only one that could be.

What can I do to fix this? I assume dummy slot would assign everything to whoever I selected in a case like this, but I want it to go to whoever has the hours, and not have to go in and change it all around after someone books.

Additionally, if there are two people working the same schedule, I really don’t care who it goes to. But I need it to automatically get assigned to someone that has the open time slot, so if someone else wants that same time slot later, they get whoever didn’t have it.

Support access is granted, page is here