Not working in Germany/EU

Hi There,

After contacting paypal it is confirmed that this subscription payment method is not available for German stores/clients (although I subscribed in the US and GB, but that is another story).

What should work are ‘Subscribe Buttons’ (<form action=”; method=”post”>…:wink: which are somewhat offered in Germany as well. But the documentation is confuse, sometimes outdated and for me not understandable.

My questions:

If I would go that path I assume that all the automatism like taking care of upgrades/cancellations etc. are lost and I would need to manage all accounts manually?

Is there someone out there who implemented/used/has experience with this methodology and could help me setting it up?

Any other ideas to help me out? Everything is setup to start my service in Germany, but without a subscription payment my actual business model would need to be extremely redefined.

Thanks & Bests