Nothing work! for me any more.

sorry but i have now tried for a nearly a month to make a multisite with “the blog template” plugin and every time i think i have succeed with the setup some other problem come up.

i don’t even know how to star explaining because i solve one problem with support and the next problem occur.

1. i want to make store that is in a different languages and shows global products from other sub-sites, that is it.

ok what have i done:

i have translated marketpress with .mo and .po successfully.

i have made “New Blog Template” on a sub-site default successfully.

i have made 833 categoreis that get cloned to sub-sites ( i am verry worried about them as it seem to be difficult to save them)

so what is my problem just now.

1. marketpress translation is not getting cloned to sub-sites

2. product is not showing on front page of main site any more ( it worked before)

main site:

test sub-site:

the things i am trying to is it possible? if yes how?

Warm regards Erik