Offering Services & Digital Products

I have a few initial questions about MarketPress. Please understand at the outset that I’m a technophobe, have never installed WP, etc. (Get the picture?), nor do I intend to use or install the plugin myself (someone else will do that-lucky soul).

Here goes:

1. We’re using a magazine-style theme for our site and WishList Member to manage content. I’d like to have WP MarketPress integrate into our framework rather than the other way around. So when it comes to presenting a consistent look to our customers/visitors, how do I ensure that MarketPress incorporates the same look as the rest of the site? I mean I don’t want to have to install a theme into MarketPress, when we already have a theme. Perhaps you could give me a non-technical explanation as to how we do this?

2. We are going to be selling services to our customers (mostly services-I’ll get to other products below). Each service will have several options-i.e. Level 1, 2, 3 etc., each with its own price. Can the customer select a particular Level from the Service description page (i.e. Product description page), to be added to the shopping cart? For example, suppose we are offering a keyword research service. Level 1 is 5 Keywords at $50, Level 2 is 10 Keywords for $90 and Level 3 is 20 Keywords for $150. Can we set it up so that on the this services description page, the customer can choose one of these options to add to the cart? Now what if I added a Level 4 which is Each extra 10 Keywords for $50. First can we ensure that the customer can choose both level 3 and level 4? Next, can we ensure that if the customer makes a mistake and chooses Level 2 and 4 that they must be corrected and can only choose level 4 with Level 3? Can we have the option of the customer specifying how many of Level 4 they want (i.e. they want 3 of the Level 4 options-3 of the 10 keyword packages, for a total of 30 beyond the 25 that they get with Level 3)? Once they are on the checkout page, can they change the quantity of Level 4 initially ordered from 3 to 5 or 2? If they are on the checkout page and remove Level 3 (which is the qualifying level in order to buy more at Level 4), will the Level 4 be removed as well (in other words they don’t get the volume price until they’ve bought the minimum to get that volume price)?

3. Sorry about this one, it may sound awfully stupid and simpleton level to you, but I’m just trying to understand. Is there anything else I need besides a payment gateway, like “,” to get paid. In other words between MarketPress & am I fully covering the ordering and payment process? Or do I still need a checkout system too, like ClickBank?

4. Once payment is complete can I redirect the customer to anywhere I want to? Or, can I provide within MarketPress a Receipt page, for example, that has links on it for each of the services the customer ordered?

5. Can MarketPress easily handle services that have recurring billing (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) and is it MarketPress that notifies that a particular service has recurring payments? Does MarketPress then issue the follow-up invoices so that does the billing? If not, how does recurring billing work in MarketPress?

I’m certain I’ll have more questions, but this is a good start.

Thank you so much for your help and patience.