OK This is bizarre. We use marketpress to sell the 60-Day

OK This is bizarre.

We use marketpress to sell the 60-Day MBA course (we only sell one thing). We have a customized marketpress and we use Stripe.

We had a bunch of customers yesterday get a white screen of death after checkout – but half of them were fine. All testing turns up roses.

Then I get a customer with the problem on the phone and walk through the same motions (I take her order on the phone). We key for key reproduce the exact same thing (she reproduced the error on two different computers, and yet when I do precisely the same thing it works fine).

Same Country

Same Browser

Same Browser Version (chrome 28.xxxx)

Same Browser Security Settings

Same Browser Extensions

Same Credit Card

Same Product

Same Exact Data Entry

yet I get an order confirmation page and she gets a white screen.

No order was placed in the event of the bug – but Stripe DID receive SOME information (the only place I can think to look for remaining debug info).

Also a second customer was able to reproduce the bug twice – but when she got home it worked fine – and she cannot say what she did differently.

I understand you can’t really support this cause it’s custom – but it’s at 60daymba.com/pricing if anyone wants to take a peak. I’m stumped.

any help greatly appreciated.