One frontend plugin to rule them all?

I can’t be the first person trying to eliminate all instances of users accessing the administration pages of wp. I just don’t understand why regular, logged in website users would want to see the dashboard, toolbar or anything else that does not look like the website they are using.

The default Meta widget takes you to the backend so I had to install Login With Ajax. That plugin desperately tries to keep users inside the frontend but if you click Profile, voila, backend. Then, after figuring out how to avoid redirecting to the backend on login, there is still a big black toolbar that offers pretty much nothing to a default users except confusion. Of course, there is a plugin for that as well but I just don’t understand why regular, default new users would be subjected to all this administrative stuff that looks nothing like the website they originally entered. Its like setting up a fancy store and then having all the customers walk through the storage room.

Is there a plugin that just keeps everybody but the administrators/authors/staff out of the backend all the time without having to use multiple plugins and fixes?