Open paypal comfirmation in a pop up?

Hey there,

Im using Marketpress to create a shop on Facebook.

Facebook uses iFrames to display the content.

Im running Markpetpress Multisite with Paypal (sandbox at the mo) Express gateway.

When I click Continue Checkout after entering shipping info, it takes me to the special instructions page (with no gateway radio button options as expected) and has a button that says Continue Checkout.

When you click that button, facebook attempts to load the paypal express page in the iframe, it doesnt load. Just a white page.

I need help getting the paypal window open in a new pop up window (maybe with Javascript?) when ever it detects itself in a facebook iframe.

if having it detect is too hard, then having every sale on every network site open the paypal page in a pop up regardless if its a shop on facebook.

Please advise.

This is holding up my project :slight_smile: