ozh-who-sees-ads-2.0.1 “YIKES”

Kia Ora

all or any one interested

I downloaded this plugin ozh-who-sees-ads-2.0.1 and it absolutely screws up the DNS resolving to my Blogger’s sub domains its strange when I remove it from my mu-plugins folder the sub domains start to come right again and resolve to the correct domain but it takes a good 15 mins to resolve correctly again to all sub domains

Has any one come across this ?

There must be some compatibility issue with another plugin in that folder perhaps

I am going to down load an error file tonight its Big and My connection here in New zealand is Shiiiiite tonight

So hopefully it will give me a clue as to where to look I hope

I would love to get this going for Obvious reasons $$$ much needed to offset bandwith and server costs

Kind regards Bill007