Pay only blogs with affiliates

First let me say that you all have some great plugins!

For the project I’m working on I want to only allow paying members to have blogs. The consensus seems to be from searching the forums that Pay to Blog is the way to go, but I’d also really like to have affiliates.

Membership works nicely in that I can set up a level with blog creation, but once I drop that level from a user they seem to have full access to the site. Is there any way to automatically deactivate a blog when the admin is no longer part of a level that allows blog creation?

Supporter would also probably be a good option except that it is geared to upgrading rather than only allowing access for paid members. Before I signed up I thought I saw a file kicking around that made supporter function like this, but now I can’t seem to find it. Any ideas?

I’d also like to have a support site with levels of access for affiliates and paying members, which membership would probably lend itself to (as long as it controls who the paying members are), but I could probably handle this in the theme with conditional statements from registered users and supporters, so that’s not as big a deal as getting the blog part working correctly.

Thanks for your help!