Pay Per View/Membership2 – Nested Paywalls?


I’m thinking about switching from membership 2 to Pay per view because of a change in my business model. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I want to do a “pay to unlock” model where each post can be unlocked forever for $1, but posts grouped together could be unlocked forever at a higher, yet discounted price (say 6 posts for $5). With Membership2, I’d have to create a membership for every post individually and then add another one per post group (every 6 or so posts). Eventually I’m going to have an enormous amount of memberships that I’m not entirely sure Membership2 can handle (or was built for).

I think the pay per view plugin might make this easier on me (instead of membership2), but I don’t think it can do those grouped post purchases.

I’m using both buddypress and multisite (posts are managed on different sub sites, purchases are linked to buddypress accounts).

For a model like this, which plugin would you recommend? Or is there a better way to structure things that I’m missing?

I hope I was clear about what I’m looking to do. Thank you very much for your help!