PayPal Advanced and Recurring Subscription interaction with Membership and Shopping Cart


Going around and around… the classic maybe it will :wink:

Here is the Issue.

PayPal tells me I NEED a Shopping Cart that works with PayPal Payments Advanced and Recurring Subscription.

Is that true?

All I want to do is have Members be offered subscriptions that will be billed again each month.

I’d like the clients to not HAVE to see the PayPal Splash screens and have to poke around trying to find the Credit Card Option — to just have the ability to enter CC info without leaving the WordPress site or the Membership Subscribe Page.

So the questions are:

1) I see the MarketPress shopping cart does not specifically mention PayPal Payments Advanced… does it work with that?

2) Does Membership Subscription… without any help from PayPal, bill PayPal each Month with Recurring subscriptions WITHOUT needing a new approval each month for a fresh transaction. With PayPay Recurring Subscriptions – my understanding is that the DEAL is done in the first transaction and then the monthly billing continues until the customer cancels.

3) If Membership does not set it up for the ONE TIME authorization… then it looks like I will have to spend $20/mo with PayPal to have that feature… so if that is the case how do I best connect the dots from Membership Subscriptions to the PayPay Recurring Subscription?

4) Does it need the Shopping Cart?

5) Does it need an API?

6) Will MarketPress play nice with PayFlowPro Recurring Subscription Charges?

I need your wisdom on this… get me through this and I’ll make one hell of a good training video for you!