PayPal IPN issues, BlueHost, Fundraising, Progress Meter not Updating


I have scoured this forum for an answer to no avail.

I thought I had found the fix earlier dealing with an apostrophe in the title of the Fundraising campaign, but that ultimately didn’t help.

Okay – people can donate.

I receive email notification from PayPal that someone donated and the account increases accordingly. Everything is working just fine there.

However, my progress bar does not update.

The Pledges do not auto-update.

People are given the typical “Sorry, your pledge hasn’t been logged. Checked back later…etc, etc” type of response after donating.

I have my PayPal IPN set to the proper URL:

IPN is turned on, I am LIVE.

I am hosted by BlueHost.

As I said, I’ve checked every single thread on here regarding payment, auto-updating, PayPal, and IPN and nothing has resolved my issue.

I would be more than happy to offer log-in credentials to someone that could assist me.