PHP & Fb Tabs – passing a variable

Hey All,

Not strictly a WP question, I will be using this as part of a multi-site membership install shortly though.

I’ve been tasked with creating an iFrame tab application in Facebook that can be added to multiple users pages.. basically it’s a landing page with the fangate system. Each landing page is unique to the person adding it to their page. Currently we’re serving this up outside of FB based on a GET variable that calls on an XML file (not my idea, but it works) ie:

What I’d like to do is pass the variable on so that they can do a “1 click install” of the tab on their page. So they click on a link like:

And it adds their unique landing page to their FB page. I’ve got everything else working, it embeds the page, it just won’t pass or keep that variable..

Any experts on this? I’ve searched for a good 2 days now and I think I’m going bald.. :slight_smile:

– paul