PHP Form-On Submit, I want to redirect and create a post as simply as possible.

Hi Everyone!

I’m trying to get a form submission on the front end to create a post in the backend so I can have responses to a question show up separately in a way that they’ll be able to be rated, liked, shared etc. I want to display them as a list and also allow a photo upload (which I haven’t tried to implement yet).

So I have a PHP form set up. The Form slides in from the left upon clicking the ‘GAME’ menu item on the right hand side. I would love for it to redirect to upon submission.

At the moment, the way I’m doing this is I’m sending the submitted form to an email which is being forwarded to my email, a filter is being applied and then that triggers a recipe I’ve built in that creates a wordpress post titled with the subject of the email and containing the body of the email as its content.

I know there have to be tons of ways of doing this more easily and in ways that don’t generate as much lag time. (The process I’ve set up can take an hour or more because both gmail and have to actually do something (which they only do periodically) in order for the process to complete. I’m willing to learn more PHP to do this the right way, but I feel like I’m going in circles a bit and I wanted to share this here to see if you all of have any ideas about the best way to do this. :slight_smile: