Please clarify classified permission settings. I'd like to give users full control of their own


I’ve read through the basic config and reviewed settings for classifieds but I’m still unclear on the permissions I am assigning. Some of it’s obvious but a few ones I am not sure on. Will you please clarify these permissions in terms of if they allow broader access or if we are just talking about people’s privately posted classifieds. The big picture is I am trying to give all members ability to create and manage their own classifieds, and set up a link to a page that lists all currently published classifieds with a search and filter so people can for example, look for active classifieds posted in Denver for flutes under $50 (I know, crazy example, maybe).

Reviewing step 1, permissions, I see permissions to:

Edit classifieds.

Edit published classifieds.

Edit private classifieds.

Delete classifieds

Delete published classifieds.

Delete private classifieds.

Upload files.

I want everyone to be able to publish and edit their own classifieds and delete as well. Just giving subscriber level permission to edit and delete classifieds has me worried if I am somehow saying they can edit and delete more than their own. I know there are specific options to delete others but I guess I am confused between “edit/delete private” and just “edit/delete” classified capabilities. Initial permissions seem great except members can’t delete their ended classifieds and I’d like to add this capability.

I think gives a listing of all users’ currently published/active classifieds. Could you please give me direction on where to start to add filters like City, State, or possibly add a geo field people can somehow filter locally relevant listings? This could get big letting everyone post their own stuff so I am trying to figure out how to list centrally all currently public published classifieds and allow searches and filters, and perhaps add a custom field or two.

Thank you for any help or direction.