Plugin not working, and flexability is limited

I purchased this plugin for my wife for her Massage Therapy appointment booking. Although I can set the interval for 75min. (60min. session, 15min. reset of the table) I can’t set her daily start time at 9:45am. She also has an uneven break-time during the day (for lunch and childcare) and starts up again later in the day… but that time doesn’t equate to 75min. intervals added up (e.g. finishes at 2:30pm, starts up again at 5:30pm).

Break-time selections only match the interval times and not the admin override times; which could overcome the above mentioned problem.

Also, when clicking on a time (from the customer’s view on the front end), I’m unable to continue booking the time. I’ve looked through the settings, but can’t seem to find where I may have configured it wrong; so it appears that it’s not working as it won’t allow a client to book a time slot.

Working example at: