Plugins on client sites exceptions?

Your system requires me to specify a plugin, even though the plugin I’m asking about isn’t on my site. :disappointed:

Your ad copy says this:


Can I use your plugins and themes on lots of different sites?

Yes, you can use WPMU DEV plugins and themes on as many different sites as you would like. That’s the beauty of our GPL license, just like WordPress itself. However, we do limit the usage of our Dashboard plugin to numbers of sites so that we can manage the support load.


So, can I use them on all my different client sites?

Yes you can! If you’ve got a Gold account you can use our dashboard plugin on an unlimited number of sites too… or you could just get your clients to pay for it :slight_smile:


But the details for the Integrated Video Tutorials plugin says this:


PLUS: Use them on up to 20 domains.


So this particular plugin canNOT be used on unlimited sites? Or it can for gold members and not other members?

Are there other plugins that canNOT be used on client sites?

Thanks for your help.