popular posts plugin that works with custom taxonomies

I am looking for a Popular Posts plugin that supports Custom Taxonomies within a Custom Post Type (CPT). I have tried WordPress Popular Posts (WPP) and it works great with CPTs. However, it does not work with Custom Taxonomies.

This is from Hector, the WPP plugin author, from a year ago (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/custom-taxonomy-7):

“About custom taxonomies, currently there’s no support for it – only categories for now. I had not really looked into this until recently when a work project required its use so there’s a big chance to get WPP to support it in the near future.”

Do you know if the WPP plugin will be updated to include custom taxonomies? If so, do you know what the time frame is? If not, do you know of any other popular post plugins that work with CPTs and custom taxonomies?

Thanks for your help,