Popup or popover v4 not displaying on my home page + destroyed by update


I upgraded to V4 of the PopOver plugin on my Network theme site.

1). My existing popover was lost.

2). It no longer appears on my Hone Page. This is not a minor problem as it displayed a Disclaimer which is now gone.

3). Positioning/size/content is a problem. This may be my caching, but I have yet to get the popover to move or resize. Oddly enough, it is now different on different pages in content, position and size. It seems that different versions of the popovers are being displayed on first visit to a page I get the latest version of the popover. I’m seeing different generations of the popover on different pages. Deleted cache, cleared browser cache.

When I enable the test head foot ad-on I get this msg:

Your active theme:

Is missing the call to <?php wp_head(); ?> which should appear directly before </head>

Has the call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> but it is not called directly before </body>