[PopUp Pro] How to remove horizontal scroll bar appearing in pop up pro?

I have a question about a pop up appearing on the home page of my site, nicholaswilton.com. I've integrated pop up pro with a form I created in infusionsoft.

When the pop up appears in on my homepage, there is a horizontal scroll bar that appears at the bottom of the pop up. Is there a way to remove this scroll bar? When I view the pop up from my desktop computer, the scroll bar does virtually nothing – it scrolls the pop up from left to right a minuscule amount and does not reveal anything that was previously hidden in the margins.

Also, when it comes to looking at this pop up from my phone, I have to scroll across to see everything – it is possible to customize the pop up for a phone such that the person can see the pop up in its entirety without having to scroll?

Thirdly, the pop up also displays on a phone in such a manner as to make closing it difficult – are there any suggestions as to how this issue may be solved?

I realize the last two issues with the pop up displaying on the phone are better answered once looked at, so to see what I am referring to just go to nicholaswilton.com on your phone and then wait 5 seconds for the pop up to appear.

I thank you in advance for any help you can offer on this front. I truly appreciate it.