PopUp Pro Not working with Thesis Theme

Hi there, I’m writing on behalf of my client, for whom I’m developing her new site.

We want to use PopUp Pro to advertise her new membership system. I love the plugin and we have developed a popup that we’re very happy with. However, it won’t load on our site as-is. I tested disabling plugins and themes, and found that the Thesis theme we’re using as a framework (which is fundamental) is what causes it to stop working. Using a default theme like Twenty Fifteen works fine, even with all other plugins active.

I would prefer to get this plugin working rather than spend the time of finding another such plugin with all the features we need. So I’m hoping you can help me identify the source of the incompatibility between the plugin and the theme. I’ve tried changing the PopUp deployment settings (Page Footer, WP Ajax etc.) but there was no change. The Page Footer option does not appear to be compatible with Thesis from what I can see on the page, so I think it’s just not getting added to the header or footer. I’m wondering also if you can send me just that code (scripts for Page Footer call of PopUp without AJAX) so I can try manually adding it to the theme, only on the page we want to use this plugin on. I’m also open to any other ideas you have.

Thanks very much for your time.