Positive Fedback for Nelo Theme and WPMU Dev Support


I could have sworn there used to be a “strut your stuff” type of forum here, but I couldn’t find it so I suppose this is as good a place as any to provide some long overdue positive feedback for WPMU Dev services and Support.

First off, many thanks to Ulrich for all his hard work on Avatars and putting up with all my troubleshooting during recent updates! Any SimplePress users encountering Avatar issues, may be interested in this discussion about using the Avatars plugin with SimplePress forums.

Second, many more thanks to Richie_KS who put up with just as many of my questions during our recent site makeover for the Tripawds Blogs Community. This theme overhaul was long overdue. Our previous theme was outdated and had become bloated, seriously affecting page load times and causing jquery conflicts in our discussion forums.

The WPMU Nelo CMS theme – with its vast configuration options, custom homepage, special widgets and support for navigation menus – allowed me to easily accomplish the prime directive of our site upgrade: Improve performance and enhance the user experience.

Anyone interested in how to get_sitestats or implement random header images with this theme may want to review my WPMU Nelo Theme customization details.

Third, a few plugins – which now play nice with SimplePress Forums – helped enhance our site upgrade with lots of new features: Blogs Directory, Members Directory & Global Site Search.

Aside from that, just consider this a big pat on the back. Please keep up the good work.

Until I return ranting about some obscure issue… Cheers!

PS: Thanks are also due to Mason James and Dr Mike for their help over the past year or so.