Positive Feedback…


I just wanted to say that I am pretty happy with this service. I joined for 1 year for nothing more than the Blog Privacy plugin. Then I found Farms Themes, Content Monitor(Andrew is looking into making it work), the Video Tutorial and Support System, TOS and a few others that were invaluable in helping me create a K-12 Student blogging network for our district.

We launched it this past friday as a pilot with two teachers. One in the high school and one in the middle school. We currently have 109 users and 114 blogs in our walled garden student blog network.

Any chance WPMU Premium would be developing plugins and what not for BuddyPress + WPMU? In education, the students really love the buddypress features of the blogging network.

Thanks. Although this site has been here for a long time, I never thought to join until I needed just one plugin and I just realized how much I was missing as someone who operates 2 WPMU sites.