Possible bug – plugin pulled down site

I have been experimenting with various plugins over the course of yesterday for my new multisite. I downloaded a ton of them to look at ,all with no issues except Recent Global Posts Feed.

I network activated it and when I activated on site it triggered a ‘fatal error’ message in the dash. I deactivated it but then found that when I used the dash link to plugins after that it went to a feedburner sign up page. Even in the main netywork admin. Meanwhile the front end was going to a blank white page with no errors and the url was displayed as correct.

Fearing that I’d lost a weeks worth of work I had no other option than to take drastic measure through FTP. I deleted all plug ins I had uploaded in the last hour and everything that had a feed in it.

That returned the site to normal operation.

I can not be 100% sure but suspect that it was the global feed that triggered the issue. If this was a clash with something else I do not know.

Any known issues here that have been reported?