Possible project guidelines for multisite

Hey Gang,

Have a possible project and wanted to find out if it was possible with WPMU stuff.

Here are the details.

-Niche site where customers can purchase web presence.

-Customer would like to set 3 price levels (Prosites)

-Customer would like to give the buyer a choice of three different pre-made site styles (different themes)

-Customer would like to have a form the customer fills out populate all the companies info. -They pick the plan they want, pick the site they want, pay for it, fill out a form and the system creates the site with all their info populated (including upload logo if possible).

I know wpmu has some strong stuff but wasn’t sure if this was possible. Maybe with whm integration?

The reasoning is the niche does not seem to be tech savvy as a whole so it is unlikely they would purchase if they had to do any back end stuff.

Thanks for your thoughts.