Post Indexer is not working yet !

Dear sirs,

we’re trying to install and setup your Post indexer component with the complements to provide a good information access (Global Site Tags, Global Site Search, …:wink:.

We opened a thread about this issue and some people seemed to solve their problems. We don’t.

We delete all related tables and reinstall components with last version and still not working.

1. The Tag cloud is showing the right tags

2. The tags menu option is working right showing all subsites tags.

3. If we click on any of the tags is giving to us a 404 error.

We try all permalinks options and re-index posts (by editing and click save again) and the problem keeps on. We also put some “labels” on your php-code to identify what was happening but honestly we don’t know where te problem may be.

We’re working with the following configuration:

WordPress 3.0.1

Apache 2.2.3

PHP 5.2.6

MySQL 5.0.45 is our development environment.

Could you give us a hand please? If you need more information please let us know.

Best regards

Jose Luis Perez