Premium Lite Request


First of all, let me just say thanks for providing this service. I just joined and the plugins are great.

I have installed the premium lite plugin, and have tested all the functionality successfully!! Very nice!

It looks like you’ve built the plugin in such a way as to support lots of options for credits. I would like to offer some plugins for purchase with credits for my members. For example

1) e-commerce. I have this module installed now, but I would like to make it only available via credits

2) ad-sense. I would like to allow members to purchase the ability to use their own ad-sense ad’s instead of mine. This plugin already exists, I just want to make it credit driven.

Can you offer any tips on getting started with this? Do you have an example that I could use to get started? Ideally, I would like to have the plugins shown on the plugins screen, but instead of activate, it would say (purchase credits) or something to that effect. Then once they purchased credits, they could activate the plugin.

Thanks for any advice/tips you can lend!!