Premium Quota Plugin

I am having 2 problems with the Quota plugins.

1. If a user has upgraded his upload quota, I can not manually set any other quota for the blog. I would think that the Quota Plugin would add any additional quota they purchased to whatever they currently have.

2. I include extra space with certain plugins. But, lets say, if I give them an additional 500 mb of space, it doesn’t add that to their upload quota. In fact, it lowers it if they already have 1000 mb’s of space.

I need to change this to make it work for me. My personal blog only has 100mb of space now that I upgraded myself to one of my upgrade plugins that also add’s 100 mb of space (thus, not adding, but limiting to).

Looking at the plugin, it does an ifelse for all quota’s. I was thinking of changing this to if’s, and having them add to a total quota variable and making only one call at the end of the function (quota_active($total)).

Then, add a comparison to the quota_active() to check if the [get_option(“blog_upload_space”:wink: < get_site_option(“blog_upload_space”:wink: + $total] and if it is then write it to the blogs option table.

Does this sound like it will work. This way, people can continue to increase their space when they need additional space.