Pro Sites Issue

Hi all!

I’ve got two issues about Pro Sites.

I created 3 Plans: Free, Standart and Professional. I was testing the premium plugins and premium themes I configured, so, If I’m a Free member (I configured just one theme and 2 plugins to this level), and I purchase the standart level I have access to all the standard level features but I loose the Free Theme and Free Plugins, and the same thing happens if I purchase the professional plan.

How can I allow users to purchase a better plan and keep the other plan functionalities? For example: If I am a Professional user I have access to all the features of the other plans, ’cause I purchased the maximum plan, and if I recede to the standard plan again I loose the professional functionalities.

My other issue is about the free plan.

I had to create this plan, so when some user wants to purchase another plan, the user see the free plan and $0,00 in front of it instead of the message “No thanks, I want to keep my free plan yet.”

How can I activate the message instead of the price of the free plan?