Pro Sites on 100 blogs

Please bare with me as I’m fairly new to this. What I have is approx. 100 domains in which I would like each domain to basically offer what does since that is the example stated in the Pro Sites plug in description so I think Pro-Sites will be the way to go.

What I would like is to have people be able to create their own blog on the domain of their choosing so that is why I think Pro Sites is a better choice than Multi-Domains plug in. What I would like to know is do I need to install and configure Pro-Sites on each individual domain? If so is there a way to clone that install? Or is Multi-Domains an option? Is there another possible solution?

Sorry for all of the questions (perhaps I have used my quota of question marks for one post? dang it I can’t escape them) Anyways thanks in advance to anyone willing to take some time and chime in on this and feel free to let me know if my explanation is a little foggy or if this question(s) should be posted elsewhere.