Pro Sites sending spam?

I reported an issue with Pro Sites in another thread ( but that thread has several issues and I need to isolate one of them. I suspect that Pro Sites is sending spam, or something else is going on.

At least two of my users have reported getting the “Your Pro Sites status has expired” email. They are getting them even though they status cannot expire because in both cases the sites are permanently upgraded.

The email they are getting is this one:

Unfortunately the Pro status for your site Cups of tea with Jackie
( has lapsed.

You can renew your Pro Site status here:

If you're having billing problems please contact us for help:

Looking forward to having you back as a valued member!

The creepy thing her is that in the other thread, @aaron reminded me to customize that email for my network and I did. One of my users received that email from her website from the email address of where the name of the domain was her actual website. Internally, within the Pro Sites settings, that particular email no longer appears that way and is modified. I confirmed by viewing the email’s source code that it is indeed coming from my server, but how and why? These sites are not expiring and the email sent doesn’t event match with the email template I created in the settings.

So far, only two people have reported this and I’m concerned that other upgraded users are as well, but haven’t reported it yet. IN the case above the only action taken by the site owner on her site was to write a post, save as a draft and preview it. I can also confirm that the site’s upgrade has not expired and there is nothing in the history log for the site either.

I’m ranking this problem as a rather important one to figure out why Pro Sites is launching these emails. Not only is it just sending the emails, but it is also sending them using the default template – the whole thing makes us look messy and the two who reported it are wondering why my network is sending them spam.