[Pro Sites] Upgrade nag notification during trial should go away after upgrading

Not sure if this is more of a bug or a feature request…

I am setting up Pro Sites and during testing I have noticed that when I create a new subsite, it goes into free trial mode and displays a nice nag notification:

You have 14 days left in your Ultimate free trial. Checkout now to prevent loosing Ultimate features »

If customer clicks the link and checks out, the nag notification remains in the WP dashboard. I believe it should go away. Or better yet, I think the notification should adapt to the specific situation. If the user had purchased the level that he is on trial for, notification should go away. But how about if user purchased a lower level? Presumably his privileges would match that. BUT, from the status confirmation it seems that payment will not take until trial time is over?

Here is the account page:

Level: Ultimate

Payment Method: Your PayPal Account

Last Payment Date: None yet with this subscription (only initial separate single payment has been made, or you’ve recently modified your subscription)

Next Payment Date: November 21, 2011

Looks like payment is 2 weeks in the future so it will take only after full 14 day trial is over. Which means he will continue at the higher level, available during trial, and after that will be at the level he purchased.

Regardless of what is the actual logic used to determine the time payment kicks in, the date trial ends if early payment is made, the notification should spell out what the user’s condition is.

So if I understand the internal logic, in this case notification should say:

You have 14 days left in your Ultimate free trial. After that [PURCHASED_LEVEL] will be active. »