Problem getting to correct site in multi site serup

I have a Blue host account (as recommended by one of the members) I set up a multisite WP setup and have had a problem since day 1. Bluehost always said it had to be a problem on my end as they go directly to the correct site.

My problem is this, reguardless of which site (subsite) I try to goto I have to enter the domain sometimes 2-3 times before I’ll get to the actual page. Even when trying to log on as wp-admin I still have to enter the url 2-3 times before I’ll actually get to the correct page.

Bluehost seems to think that it’s a problem with the theme or whatever I’m using. In my mind, they are the hosting company and something is wrong on their end since it’s not getting to the correct url in order to even begin processing and of the themes or plugins. Is my thinking wrong here?

Does anyone else have this problem?

The site in particular is a test site for my dog and the url is

when you enter that link you will more than likely be taken to first, then if you enter the url again you should be taken to the correct page.

Any ideas? Need to solve this issue so I can try to sell some services here. My demo didn’t go well this morning when I was going to show my demo site. I didn’t have quick enough answer as to why the site didn’t load so they decided to use another web designer. OUCH! really needed that job.

Any and all help is Greatly Appreciated!