Problem with multisite virtual domains in IIS

I’ve run into an interesting problem moving my sites from LAMP to IIS. Although my first set of sites moved perfectly, I’m having some virutal hosting issues.

In particular, I have one MU installation with two domains: and is the main, install domain. I can successfully go to and any WP-managed subdirectory, like

However, when I try to go to any pages on the trackyourcandidate site, like, say trackyourcandidate/governor, IIS tries feeding as the requested URL and looks for it at the physical path of C:VirtualHostswpmu-zdecadegovernor

The graphic attached shows more examples of this, in some detail. Right now, I’m testing this on a test system, using the hosts file to allow me to test all this domain stuff without hurting my production machine.

I’m NOT running any host naming or virtual host plug-in.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.


The attachment tool doesn’t like me, but here’s a Dropbox link to the image: Detail Image