Problem with New Blog Templates – admin vs non admin differences

Hi all,

I’m having a problem with the New Blog Templates plugin which keeps me confused.

Whenever I create a new blog logged in as admin (on my sign-up page: ), the plugin does exactly what it should do:

Copy this one:

To this one:

This is the one and only blog template I have set up, and beside the two testing cases in this topic I do not have any other blogs yet either.

However, and this is my problem, when I log out as an admin, and I sign up, this time creating a new account and verifying it through email, I get this:

It seems that when a non registered user registers for a blog a lot of things aren’t being copied from the database, a lot of pages and functionalities are missing, but when I myself register a blog logged in as an admin, the plugin works perfectly.

Spooky. Do you guys know what this could be?