Problems integrating Appointment+ with MarketPress


I’m having some problems integrating A+ with MarketPress.

I would like to configure the integration as an option because it would be nice to use different gateways and coupons.

1) When I add an appointment to the cart in the cart description I can only see the product title (es: appointment) while in the FAQ I read it should also be displayed the Appointment ID, the date and the time

2) If I add a product Image the layout of the product page is not nice: at the top of the image is displayed only the product page (with no product title or product description at the right, as for other products) and under the product image is displayed the appointment form. If I remove the product image when I add the appointment to the cart the product image is missing and that’s also not very nice. I would like to do one of the following: personalize the product page with the image, title, description, or add the product image but show it only in the cart.

3) Shipping details should not be asked, as all the info are provided in the appointment confirmation form. But clicking “check out know” in the “review cart” I’m presented with the shipping form.

4) What happens when adding two appointment to the cart ? I have the same description with quantity = 2. That should be two different products added to the cart with different services, date and time. Is it possible ?

You can check here:


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