Problems & Possible Bug Using NBT API to Copy Uploaded Media Files

We are using nbt-api.php to clone template sites created by Gravity Forms User Registration plugin. We have encountered problems getting files to copy over to the newly created sites and have the proper file upload paths. Here are a few questions:

1) How can we copy uploaded images (in media library) from a NBT template site into newly created site (via Gravity Forms user registration add-on, NOT network admin site creation) with NBT plugin?

2) How can I update the ‘upload_path’ of ‘wp_blog_id_options’ table as same as directory created by nbt-api.php? We notice NBT plugin creates the proper file uploads directory(ies) inside the WP uploads folder after the cloning process but the ‘upload_path’ in the WP tables is not updating to this new directory path. Possible bug?

3) What is exactly the intended upload path given to the new site by NBT? From what I understand the default WP upload path of network sites is …/wp-content/uploads/sites/BLOG_ID/. It seems as though your plugin also creates directories in …/wp-content/blogs.dir/BLOG_ID? Please clarify…

Thank you in advance!