Problems with Creating Courses

I am having issues with the CoursePress Pro plugin. We disabled all other plugins as well as switching to the base theme in order to check if there is conflict with custom code to no avail. This is when putting together a new/draft course in the CoursePress Pro plugin.

Even when a Course is published, we can upload images to the media library and it looks like we've inserted the image, but it does not save (screenshots attached – the one is showing the library greyed out but you can select an image, put the image in the post but then when saved the image is gone (also not on front end).

Safari – I can load an image but I cannot copy and highlight text

Chrome – I cannot load an image. I CAN highlight text, but I cannot press "enter" and push text down.

Course Press is not allowing us to save a unit in the course unless the course is LIVE (basically going from draft to publish). When the course is LIVE we can create and save units, but if we turn off the course from the public it not only does not save the units but seems to erase other units that have already been created.

Again, we have disabled all plugins and even the theme to the base theme which did not rectify the issue. The WPMUDEV Dashboard is installed.

Please let me know if you need information or if I can take steps to troubleshoot. Thank you for your expediency.