Problems with Membership Plugin

Hi everyone,

I am trying to set up the plugin for the membership but having problems. I have looked through the forums but nothing really there to help me.

I am using WordPress Single Site Version 3.0.4

I have installed and configured the plug in, this is set up on

The sign up form is working fine – I have configured the membership levels.

1. Site Visitors

2. Members

I have made both active. I have used rules to not allow users see certain pages/posts and categories for site visitors, such as downloads, and members posts.

I have set up shortcodes:



and inside a dummy post included the following:





you are a member


However, users can see the shortcodes, and all of the content when they are not logged into the site. Even when logged in, restricted content, is not restricted.

Am i missing something? Can someone help?

Many thanks