Profile Field Image


I’m working on a website where clients that register are associated with certain representative from the company. What I want is pending on the Rep they have in their profile, it will display an image of the rep throughout the site.

Basically, I have created a custom profile field called “Sales Expert” that now shows up in the profile field for the client.

The user then “chooses” a rep to fill that field. This is done through Gravity Forms where they fill out the form and it updates their Sales Rep field based on who they choose from a dropdown.

The last step is what I am stuck on. I don’t know if there is some type of function or what not that can be written that, pending on who it is (i.e. Mike Smith, Bob Smith, etc.) I can reference an image with the name.

In other words, can you reference an image to a certain field value selected in a profile?

I hope this makes sense.