Profile fields/registration field


I love WPMU DEV and all of its plugins, I'm currently using Membership Pro 2 – however, it's definitely lacking re-built forms for people who aren't developers. I really want to continue using MP2 but I am a bit frustrated with the automatic forms MP2 has created (I understand these are generator depending on the Theme). I simply want a user to have the option to purchase a membership or start a free trial > fill out the registration form which includes credit card/paypal information for payment > then click register and have access to restricted content. Currently the registration process looks like this:

then when I click "signup" it takes me to this confusing page

I want the process to be much more simple. The user clicks on a sign up button then gets redirected to a page with a form that looks like this:

That form was created in Formidable Pro. Is it possible to recreate something similar (or if not similar, still clean and slim looking) in Membership Pro 2?

Thank you!

PS: I will not use Cimy User Extra fields, it has some pretty terrible ratings and looks like bad news – I'd prefer to not waste my time with that plugin.