Protected Content – Membership – Passwor Protected


‘Attn: Vinod Dalvi’

Protected Content – Membership – Password Protected

Hi Vinod

just read the advice you forwarded to Trish about Membership… where you recon to disable BuddyPress Registration. Now I am wondering could respond to the following questions I have too?

1) Disable BuddyPress Registration: do I do that by untick Account Settings: Allow your users to modify their account and notification settings directly from within their profiles…?

2) Have extended User Profile with additional fields as I wish to use “this new form” as ONLY registration form; do I have to create a page named ‘our registration’ or do I have to use the form which I had to create when setting up BuddyPress?

3) Also, user can register ‘front-end’ only… as our policy does not allow that one not employed with us can access the wordpress back end. Can this be accomplished by placing a short code within registration form… what’s the short code formula?

4) Does these plugin Protected Content – Membership – Password Protect work hand in hand? Wish to use protected content for STRIPE – Membership for setting up various membership levels… password protect for several posts exchanged with VIP members (no STRIPE necessary) only?

5) We have multisite – multi-db installed. Member registration only possible on main page… but to unburden server traffic/database traffic we spread e.g. all FAQ’s, T&C, TofU etc. to one sub domain… determined as ‘superintendence’ / organizational stuff only. BuddyPress activities run on another sub domain… ecommerce on one sub domain… etc. However, if a member registers on main domain while linking during registration process to documents entered and stored in ‘superintendence’ sub domain and it’s database… does this concept work out?

Thanks for your attention

Pura Vida