protecting pages, registration & subscription


again me, cause i dont get a satisfying answer :slight_frown:

here is again what i need, want.

visitors can only see my POSTS, Imprint, contact and my own register form via THEME MY LOGIN.

I got 2 access levels: visitors & members

I set access level visitors negative list to account, register, subscriptions, wellcome but register and account isnt protected :slight_frown:

now, when a visitor registers he automaticly gets subscription to 7 days testing. that works fine (set to private)

now as a member, account, subscriptions are view able.

now, when the test membership was finished I want the member to be able to choose between 2 subscriptions.

180 days & 360 days

the member can only choose one and will not be able to cancel (cause single payment). during that time i dont want to see any more subscriptions, no upgrade, renew, nothing.

only if the choosen subscription is finished, then the member can choose again.

the member should only see his actually subscription and when it will be finished.

this is what i need/want

does that work or not, so i can stop trying and find an other plugin solution.