Putting Custom Fields in a template

How do I echo the value of custom fields in to a template.

I tried this:

echo do_shortcode(‘[Condo HTML Markup]’:wink:;

echo do_shortcode(‘[_ct_text_542d4c553eb9d]’:wink:;

Neither work. Your demonstration only demonstrates the use of the shortcode in a post loop. Not in a template. Though it mentions it. Furthermore the instructions are half baked in the plugin. They refer to the Field ID in the table but ask you to put the custom_field_block in the shortcode.

You should use the same terminology. How does anyone know what you are asking for?

Embedding Custom Fields

Embed codes are used in templates to return the value of the custom fields of the current post. Codes may be for individual fields using the Embed code links below for each field

or you can display the entire block of custom fields for a listing using the embed code:

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[custom_fields_block]’:wink:; ?>

Shortcodes are used in post, pages and widgets to return the value of the custom fields of the current post. Use inside the loop in Posts and Widgets


That is what is in the plugin under the custom fields tag. It needs to use different terminology so we know what is being asked.