Putting the Pretty on an Ugly Button / input field

hey there awesome wpmudevvers,

here’s a ditzy css question for you.

so we go here http://yellowwoodpreschool.joburg/make-an-appointment/

book an appointment

and on the confirmation page, the book / cancel buttons don’t button up, and they just show text floating in to each other.

there’s no indication of the fields where i should be typing stuff.

the same thing happens on my front page of the site, with the mailchimp form where i pasted the code?

it is all pretty in upfront view, and when i load the front page, the input field blocks go away. there’s no point where the appts shortcode displays the css nicely.

1 – how do i upfront the appointments+ confirmation page and make the input fields / buttons comply with upfront’s theme settings? or what’s plan b?

2 – what magic do i need to do to make the mailchimp fields display in real life, as they do in upfront view?

i’m giddily awaiting your advice.

i have, in high hopes of you making all my worries go away, enabled support on the site.