Q&A HTML formatting intertwined with core code > how to handle customization?


I’ve been using it internally, and I really like the plug-in and what it does. So far, the performance seems great too (test DB is small though).

However, I suspect that most developers will have to customize how it looks and as it is, there is a lot of HTML which is generated via PHP functions like “the_answer_list()” in coretemplate-tags.php which spits a ton of HTML that needs to be customized in my case.

I can easily re-write it, but I’m wondering how future core updates may affect my template code if I do so. It doesn’t look like that code should be in the core plug-in, but rather in the default template.

I don’t want to touch the core files, but I’m worried about future compatibility if I re-write functions like that one.

What do you think?

Thank you!