Question about a new store page i just discovered!

Hi there,

Another question here-because you guys are always so helpful! So, I am trying to set up an Etsy style store where my customers go on and post their items. My site is ( ) and I have been working on customizing this page, but I just noticed that on the front page and the first slider comes up and says “View Collection” and it takes me to ( ), which looks like demo store. Is that really my store? If so, why can’t I edit it? I just don’t get it because not all of the sliders take you to a separate store!

Is this part of my site, if so why doesn’t the URL say Marketequine on it. Also I have no way of editing it this new store I found. I am just so confused what it is, it looks like what the store should look like I just don’t know what it is.

If anyone can help I would be so grateful!

Thank you is much!!