Question regarding Fundraising and Multisite or BuddyPress.

Sorry for any stupid questions… I’m new to multisite, and you guys have so much good stuff on here, it’s not easy to wrap my head around everything. lol

Okay, so with Fundraiser, it says you can operate your own fundraising site. As I’m reading through all of the documentation and support posts, am I correct in the following?

1. We can operate this as a single install or on the main site only, in which case, the admin would have to set up every fundraising project and all funds would go to the admin’s/website’s/company’s PayPal account.

2. The same thing goes for BuddyPress. One plugin, one site, one owner.

3. For multisite, the plugin can be activated across the network, which would allow each individual subsite owner the ability to activate and use the Fundraiser plugin.

Assuming that is all correct…

Questions regarding 3:

1. From what I glean from the support threads, etc., this is not a chained payment situation, so we are not able to take a portion of the donations (such as with traditional crowdfunding sites, like Kickstarter and as opposed to MarketPress-type sites, like Etsy). Is that right?

2. When they activate the plugin on their subsite, is the PayPal information linked directly to them? Meaning, is it completely separate from the main one (mine)?

3. If so, does this mean they have to go through the entire complicated PayPal API process to set up their account? Or does that just link PayPal to my site?

A little confused on these points. Thanks in advance for your help and patience.

Best wishes,